Future-ready Packaging Solutions:
sustainable, smart, scalable

Measurable reduction of the environmental footprint and improvement of resource efficiencies

Packaging as active and intelligent part in the supply chain

Effective solutions that deliver a significant impact in the market

Our packaging solutions reduce the environmental footprint and improve resource efficiencies.
We help to accelerate the circular packaging economy and make packaging become an asset.

As independent, evidence- and design-driven packaging consultancy that is based in Germany, we develop packaging solutions that are future-proof:


Being highly-experienced with packaging material, packaging technology, industry standards and regulations, we aim to develop and discover new materials, processes, technologies and designs for and with our clients. Always following the mindset of:

Good for the planet. Good for the business.


5 reasons why companies need to rethink their packaging solutions

The way we design and produce packaging today, results in annoying people, becoming more and more a severe problem for the environment and for businesses a corporate risk which must not be underestimated.

  • 1New Regulations

    New regulations like the single-use plastics ban or the EU packaging directive means for businesses that they will be held responsible to make their packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable and produce resource efficient.

  • 2Decreasing profitability

    Companies that only think in one-way streets but not in circular ways, will need to accept increasing costs for waste disposal and raw materials.

  • 3Poor environmental footprint

    The production of virgin plastics is energy intensive and carbon heavy. The result: the increase of the environmental footprint of a business. This means it gets harder to get investments to grow the company further or to be disregarded in tenders or funding behind a Green New Deal.

  • 4Changing customer demand

    Customers less and less accept fossil-based packaging. Evidence-based research from Nielsen and the NY Stern school of business shows, that the biggest growth rates in the CPG sector were coming from products with sustainability claims.

  • 5Impending de-listing by retailers

    Big retailers call on suppliers to work harder on sustainable packaging. Companies that don't face these challenges today, will face the "choice editing axe" tomorrow.

These risks increasingly move to the fore. But more and more future thinking companies are already creating sustainable impact at scale by combining new mindsets, materials, technologies and business models. They view production and logistics holistically. They create circular material flows. The reduce the use of energy and materials. They develop and discover sustainable materials and processes. They minimize sourcing and waste disposal costs. They are able to influence retailer listings and buying decisions. They understand packaging as brand growth driver. They can successfully differentiate from their competition and can reach new customer segments.

Packaging is much more than just a small building block to achieve corporate sustainability objectives. For many companies and brands it fulfills a key role in reinvigorating the whole business.


What we do to make your packaging future-proof

We inspire and inform

Get impulses and insights from research and practical experience. Get to know what latest developments in the industry (e.g. new regulations) that will have a direct impact on your business.

Get information now


In-depth and data-driven analysis of your supply chain and your packaged goods. We help you identify not only incremental optimizations but also radically new solutions that make a significant difference for your environmental footprint. 

Identify opportunities now


Scalable, implementation-ready solutions that positively affect your economic bottom line by reducing or eliminating the negative externalities of your packaging.

Develop solutions now


From prototype to roll-out: Development and optimization of materials, design und engineering, lab test (for materials, engineering or marketing), manuals and supervision.

Get help for implementation now


We translate your new packaging innovation into a brand promise with credible and fact-based sustainability claims. A promise we will execute with the best creatives and communication experts.

Create your packaging story now


We are an interdisciplinary collective that works as team.

We are a network of highly-experienced professionals coming from packaging research, strategy, design, materials, packaging engineering, lawyers, innovation and marketing. We learned, that to get the best results for a client, it’s best to collaboratively work on the challenges. Every member of the collective brings a new perspective to the table. We are divided by our expertise and remain independent individuals and companies but we are united in our ambition to create a positive impact for people and planet by creating future-proof packaging solutions. That gets us more vigor, keeps us independent and creates an environment of transparency.

Syster Tjarks

Innovation and Design for Recycling

For more than 20 years, Syster leads national and international projects in the fields of packaging innovation, packaging design and structural design.

Project Lead | Design Research| Design Strategy | Ideation | Prototyping | Design Concept  | Design Development | Design Management | Patent  | Accounting


Martin Weick

Packaging Engineer

Since 2010 Martin – who holds a diploma in packaging engineering – helps international brands to develop sustainable packaging solutions. His detail-oriented working style combined with his empathic attitude made him successfully execute many diverse and complex packaging projects

Material | Technology | Suppliers | Process | Testing | Continuous Improvement

Paula Raché

Packaging Design and Trend Research

For more than 15 years Paula works on projects related to Packaging Design, Trend Research, Brand Development and Exhibition Design. Since 2011 – where  she traveled the world – she records international sustainability initiatives that focus on packaging.

Trend Research | Workshops | Concepts | Art Direction | Brand Development | Communication Design | Publications  | Exhibition Design

Matthias Höppner

Sustainable Business Transformation

Matthias drove business results for more than 100 clients over the last 15 years in Germany’s leading media agency. He provides genuine expertise in the entire repertoire of evidence-based strategy, responsible innovation and effective marketing. His ambition is to make the FuturePackLab a strong driver of the Sustainable Business Transformation. Always open for strategic partnerships with innovativ companies.

Sustainable Business Transformation | Business Development | Strategic Partnerships | Brand Strategy | Marketing Strategy | Responsible Innovation | Workshop Facilitation

Geoffrey Hildbrand

Brand and Innovation Strategy

For +20 years he operates between the lines of research, strategic planning and innovation. He gained comprehensive experience working in and for agencies, consultancies and corporates.

Interviews | Workshop | Market Research | Design Research | Insights | Sweet Spot | Ideation | Design Strategy | Brand Strategy | Marketing Strategy | Communication Strategy

Stephanie Held

Head of Design and Design Management

Her more than 20 years in the business make her a highly-experienced Design & Creative Director for CPG clients with small and large product and packaging ranges.

Design Strategy | Ideation | Prototyping | Design Concept  | Design Development | Design Management | Production Strategy | Quality Management | Accounting

Aart van Bezooijen

Driving Design with Material Innovation

Being a industrial designer since 2005 he delivers the material innovations that are needed to make products future-proof. Since 2012 he lectures as Professor for Material and Technology Transfer at the University of Art and Design Halle where he also set-up an extensive material library.

Inspirational Talks | Trendforschung | Material Library | Material Workshops | Material Research| Material Transfer | Innovation Workshop | Ideation | Concept | Design Development

Nora Rentschler

Sustainability Research

Highly-motivated Nora is currently writing her master thesis in the area of Sustainability Science. She is familiar with material and energetic fundamentals that can create negative impact and already gained experienced in the field of “Cradle to Cradle” product development.

Sustainable Development | Material Research | Sustainable Materials | Cradle to Cradle | Design for Recycling | Market Research| Interviews | Environmental Footprint

Rui Gorgulho

Digital Tools for Sustainable Innovation

Has more than 15 years of experience in digital design. He understands how UX/UI needs to work in order to create real value for people, planet and thus for the business.

UX/UI | Art Direction | Brand Experience | Digital Tools & Products | Platforms | Visual Design

Maria Sofia Schaake

Product and industrial design

For more than 15 years Maria has been developing industrial design solutions and new product design in the fields of product, packaging, retail und interior Design.

Research | Analysis| Concept| Ideation| Prototyping | 3D Design | 3D Modelling | 3D Visualization | Technical Layouts 

Onur Elci

Product & Brand Innovation Food & Beverage

The economist with a taste for the food & beverage market brings 15 years of experience to the table. During this time he founded and run numerous restaurants and bars. As managing director of the Kitchen Guerilla he not only develops own food product but also consults big brands and start-up when it comes to develop new, hot food innovations.

Food trends | Concept Food und Beverages | Brand strategy | communications and got to market strategy

Christian Dössel

Behavioural Research

The market researcher has been working quantitatively and qualitatively at the interface of consumer research and behavioural economics with a focus on packaging and shoppers for 20 years in Hamburg.

packaging research | shopper research | product research | behavioural research | observation | insights | FMCG | R&D


Director of Feel Good

Has ensured a balanced working atmosphere and high motivation in the team for 2 years. Keeps the FuturePackLab employees not only physically but also mentally fit through daily excursions.

Stress level reduction | Social bonds | Likeable people | Walks | Sprints | Wet snout


We have high demands concerning our solutions.


We not only aim for the better environmental footprint but also strive for a better economic bottom line. Avoided waste costs, reduced raw materials and circular business models can work as strong profit drivers.



A comprehensive consideration of corporate objectives and the sustainability strategy, all relevant stakeholders and the product and packaging journey across the whole supply chain.



Use of resource efficient technologies and renewable, circular-ready materials and processes. We not only think it through to the end but also create an measurable positive impact.



We are most familiar with creative problem-solving methods and design techniques, to challenges the status quo and to find solutions “out of the established box”.



Ideas do not remain prototypes. From the design, material and production strategy to the necessary testing and roll-out. We turn our power into motion and aim for mass production.



Sustainability optimizations and innovations to are evidence-based and data-driven. Our strength lies in striving for the measurable impact and not the popular opinion.



Future-ready packaging solutions won’t come out of silos. We need to consider the whole supply chain and in completely new solutions. This will only happen when you identify strategic partners and work with them collaboratively.


Sustainability in a more and more digital world is a complex topic.
Nobody can solve that challenges alone.

The development of future-proof packaging solution requires a wide range of competencies and interdisciplinary collaboration. The network of the FuturePackLab collective has access to a continuously growing network of innovators, universities, start-ups, experts and suppliers.

Klima metrix


Who we worked with.

The members of the FuturePackLab used to develop the packaging solutions that you already see in the market today. Now forward-thinking companies can benefit from this experience to develop future-proof packaging solutions that are needed for tomorrow.

Project: Identification and assessment of markets, drivers and barriers for a new technology and the development of a go-to-market strategy. “Das Markt-Know-how hat uns geholfen, die gesamte Argumentationskette für eine neue Technologie aufzubauen und zu erkennen, welche strategische Partner wir benötigen, um erfolgreich zu sein. Die Intensität des Diskurses sowie der persönliche Einsatz des Teams haben mich positiv überrascht.”

Dr. Bernd Robertz
Business Development Manager bei Schürfeld Group

Projekt: Development of the communications strategy for the revolutionary product innovation Smart Coloring “Gemeinsam haben wir eine Produktstory entwickelt, die argumentativ fundiert sowie unter Wirtschaftlichkeits- und Nachhaltigkeitsaspekten überzeugend ist. Diese Story haben wir gemeinsam 2020 beim Sustainability Award – dem härtesten Wettbewerb mit der hochqualifiziertesten Jury in diesem Bereich – eingereicht und stehen jetzt im Finale. Eine Maßnahme, die uns bei Etablieren eines neuen technologischen Standards nur helfen kann.”

Hendré Vos
Managing Partner bei Smart Coloring

Project: Identification of environmental footprint and cost reductions opportunities around making packaging for a Herb Carrier sustainable. “Mit einem gefühlt weichen Thema begonnen, ist es in einem vermarktungsfähigen Produkt gemündet.”

Ulrich Wagner
Geschäftsführer Bördegarten Gemüse Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
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